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The Real Agenda

The Real Agenda, the original podcast for political change, started by Tom Burgess in October 2018, aims to inform, inspire and involve those who want a democratic, inclusive and fairer society that respects human rights and protects the planet. The focus is on fixing the fundamental problems of our time, primarily the extreme economic inequality and the unnecessary financial hardship suffered by millions everyday by developing a political agenda that moves us from here to prosperity. That’s The Real Agenda.

Weekly Wake Up

The Weekly Wake Up is released every Friday with 2-5 panellists in the studio to discuss topics related to the fundamental issues of inequality, poverty, social and economic justice as that’s The Real Agenda. the lively conversation looks at how we can resolve these issues and what we, the people can do about it

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Challengers for Change

In each episode we talk to inspiring campaigners who have the drive and determination to make change happen, we talk about how, why and what we can also do to bring positive change for a more equal and fair and sustainable society.

Around The House

In these episodes we talk to Members of Parliament about what needs to be fixed, what they propose to do about it and what we, the people can do to make real change happen

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Profit for Purpose

Profit for Purpose series features business leaders talking about leading the change in turning business into a force for good,  & contributing significantly to a more inclusive and sustainable economy, while at the same time making a positive impact on reducing inequality, because that’s The Real Agenda. Produced by The Real Agenda Network of podcasts for political change.

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